Automotive battery manufacturer

“SAKTHI” automotive batteries are specially designed to withstand the rigorous working condition in passenger cars, trucks, tractors, automotive and other applications.

Selectional view of automotive battery:

  • Container

  • Negative Plates

  • Separator (porous PVC material)

  • Positive Plates

  • Element rest and sediment space

  • Connecting Straps

  • Cell cover

  • Vent plug

  • Terminal

  • Internal cell connector

  • Robust construction

  • High starting power

  • Low antimony – selenium alloy offers low maintenance

  • Low gassing

  • High corrosion resistance

  • Low self discharge

  • High life cycle characteristics

  • Grids: The plates of the lead acid battery consists of an electrically – conducting grid framework, in the mesh of which the active materials are incorporated by an electro-chemical process. The grids are made of an alloy consisting essentially of lead, antimony, selenium, arsenic and tin.

  • Positive Plates: The positive active material is in the form of lead peroxide. This is a dark brown crystalline material which consists of very small grains or particles. It provides a high degree of porosity and allows the electrolyte to penetrate the plates freely.

  • Negative Plates: The negative active material is in the form of porous mass of lead in spongy form through which the electrolyte can penetrate freely.

  • Separators: If positive plate touches a negative plate, all plates in the cell lose their stored energy. Therefore, a sheet of non-conducting material called a separator is inserted between the positive and negative plates.

  • Containers: These are of the moulded type, made of hard rubber or plastic.

The TURBO KING is completely worth it, as the battery can complement both grid and solar based setups. It can operate without any glitch even at high temperatures and has fast charging capability.


  • Automotive (SLI)

  • DG Set (Cranking)

  • UPS / Inverter (Low cost, Less Life)