Extra Power & High Reliablity
"SAKTHI" stationary cells with improved tubular design and technology are available in a wide range from 20 Ampere – hour to 5000 Ampere – hour capacity. The improved technology ensures enhanced life, uninterrupted performance and greater reliability.



Long Life 5 – 7 years

Special low antimony-selenium alloy
Low Maintenance
Low gassing
Tubular Positive plates
Designed to meet short duration high – rate discharge
Rugged hard Rubber container
Heavy duty Lug type terminals – easy connections.
Inter cell connectors using lead coated copper connectors.
Cell Confirm IS:1651-1991


Tubular Positive Plates
The Tubular plates have specially designed spines cast from corrosion resistant lead – antimony – selenium – arsenic alloy. High oxidation and acid resistant gauntlets specially designed to envelope spines of the positive grids and hold the active material in position without hampering the free movement of acid, guarantee high performance at all loads.
Negative Plates
The pasted type negative plates are of sturdy construction. The active material is a blend of oxide, special additives and expanders which helps the battery to perform better and ensures its longer life
The special grid made out of lead – antimony – selenium – arsenic alloy resists anodic corrosion, reduces water loss and ensures long service life of the battery with low maintenance.
The micro porous separators are made of high quality sintered PVC conforming to IS 6071-1986. The separators provide high electrical insulation between the plates with low internal resistance for improved battery performance.
Hard rubber cell jars conforming to IS 1146-1981 resist tough beating normally encountered in service life.
Vent Plug
The flame retardant ceramic vent plugs prevent the evaporation of water from the cell. The porous structure traps escaping acid vapour but allows the gases to go out.
Aqua trap floats are provided to indicate the acid level in the cells so as to ensure easy water level maintenance.


Telecommunication systems
Railway Signaling
Photo – voltaic applications
Emergency Power applications
UPS Systems
Switch gear control
Fire alarms
Process control systems