High Power & Better Range
“SAKTHI” traction battery is made up of a number of traction cells of 2 volts each to suite the operational demands of a particular application. The cells assembled in high-grade plastic containers are housed in a mild steel tank which is coated with an anti – acid / anti – corrosive paint. The cells are connected with inter-cell connectors made of lead alloy. The splash proof vent plugs fitted to the cells prevent the spilling of the electrolyte.


The very low antimony content in the grid alloy ensures low gassing.

Water loss & maintenance is minimum
Corrosion is negligible
Long service life.
Polypropylene cell jars to withstand shock & abuse
Very low self discharge & internal resistance
Excellent reserve capacity
Delivers reliable power
Lasts longer
Performs well in all weather conditions.
Plastic shrouds on inter-cell connectors to prevent short circuit
Special packing materials used within the battery trays to provide improved insulation and act as shock absorbers.
Compatible with automatic chargers
Confirming to IS: 5154-1980


Tubular Positive Plates
The Tubular plates have specially designed spines cast from corrosion resistant lead – antimony – selenium – arsenic alloy. High oxidation and acid resistant gauntlets specially designed to envelope spines of the positive grids and hold the active material in position without hampering the free movement of acid, guarantee high performance at all loads.
Negative Plates
The pasted type negative plates are of sturdy construction. The active material is a blend of oxide, special additives and expanders which helps the battery to perform better and ensures its longer life.
The special grid made out of lead – antimony – selenium – arsenic alloy resists anodic corrosion, reduces water loss and ensures long service life of the battery with low maintenance.
The micro porous separators are made of high quality sintered PVC conforming to IS 6071-1986. The separators provide high electrical insulation between the plates with low internal resistance for improved battery performance.
The high grade plastic containers are non – reactive to acid, temperature and the gasses emitted by the cell
Vent Plug
The splash proof vent plugs prevent escape of electrolyte.

Traction Cell
Exploded View of Tubular Plate


Fork Lift
Pallet Truck
Platform Truck
Electric Stacker
Electric Van / Vehicle.
Tow trucks


The following information needs to be given while ordering the Traction Batteries
Capacity at 5 Hr. rate of discharge and voltage.
Number of cells per Battery.
Clear inside dimensions of battery compartment.
Overall maximum dimensions of existing / required Battery
Make, Type & Model of Truck / Vehicle
Type of Battery

Discharge Curve