“SAKTHI” is committed to consistently manufacture and supply products of
outstanding quality and reliability along with efficient service support, to
utmost satisfaction of customers.

  • 2 State of the Art Manufacturing Facility.

  • Automatic Casting machine for best quality grids.

  • Fully automatic Assembly line with all test equipment to ensure good assembly practice & good quality batteries.

  • Full Fledged Physical, Chemical & Electrical Lab to test Raw Materials, Work in Process and Finished Goods to ensure right quality products.

  • Fully Automatic Paste Mixer & Double Side Pasting Machine for better paste and pasting quality

  • Fully Automatic Charging lines with IGBT Based chargers for pure DC Charging and efficient charge algorithm.

  • Inhouse OES for ensuring lead quality

  • Fully Automatic Curing Chambers for best cured, high strength plates.

  • Fully Automatic Finishing & Packing Line for perfect product finish and delivery.

  • Inhouse Oxide Mill for right quality of Oxide.

  • Fully Automatic cutting and brushing machine for bur free cut and good solder

  • Full Fledged ETP & STP to treat water and for reuse and ensure there are no water wastages.

  • High Pressure Die Casting Machines for finer grain structure and extra strength of the spines.

  • Fully Automatic Tubular Filling lines for right compaction of oxide.

  • The exhaust air is perfectly treated with highly efficient Dust Collector & scrubber system.