Tubular Inverter Battery Manufacturer & Supplier in Kerala

"SAKTHI" Tubular Batteryhas been designed and developed for UPS and Inverters applications requiring high reliability related to diverse conditions of charge and discharge cycles.

"SAKTHI" battery requires minimum maintenance due to the use of adequately provided by special vent plug either with ceramic which comes as a standard fitment. The battery can be kept on float, cyclic or boost / trickle charges.

Since our Batteries are used for Power application, all the care has been taken to improve the quality of our “Tubular Batteries”, by using:

Proprietary Lead Alloy

Virgin Oxide

High Quality Polyester Tubular Gauntlets.

High Porosity Poly Ethelene Separators

Excellent Processing Techniques

  • Long life 4-6 years

  • Higher power to volume ratio

  • Very Low-Maintenance - Topping up once in 4-5 months

  • Micro-porous ceramic vent plugs - free from Acid-fumes

  • Tubular Positive Plates

  • Battery confirm IS : 13369

  • Designed for regular deep discharge cycles

  • Rugged PPCP Container

  • High Ampere – Hour efficiency > 90%

  • Higher watt – Hour efficiency >75%

  • Heavy duty Lug type terminals - Easy connection

  • Containers: PPCP containers conforming to IS 1146-1981 resist tough beating normally encountered in service life.

  • Tubular Positive Plates: High oxidation and acid resistant gauntlets, specially designed to envelope spines of the positive grids and hold the active material in position without hampering the free movement of acid, guarantee high performance at all loads.

  • Negative Plates: The pasted type negative plates are of sturdy construction. The active material is a blend of oxide, special additives and expanders which helps the battery to perform better and ensures its longer life. As a result, a high ampere-hour efficiency of more than 90% and a watt-hour efficiency of over 75% are achieved.

  • Spines: The Spines are casted in a High Pressure Die casting machine, ensuring dense & fine grain structure and thereby giving high corrosion resistant, long life spines.

  • Grid: The special grid alloy resists anodic corrosion, reduces water loss and ensures long service life of the battery with low maintenance.

  • Separators: The high quality micro porous polyethyleneseparators are made of high quality raw materials conforming to IS 6071-1986.

  • Vent Plug: The flame retardant ceramic vent plugs prevent the evaporation of water from the cell. The porous structure traps escaping acid vapor but allows the gases to go out.

  • Electrolyte: The battery should be filled with pure battery grade sulphuric acid confirming to IS: 266. When fully charged, the specific gravity should rise to 1.250 +/- 0.005 at 270C. Care should be taken to maintain the same specific gravity during the service life of the battery.

  • Keep the battery cover and terminals clean & dry. Apply petroleum jelly on the terminals to avoid corrosion. The surrounding area should also be kept clean & dry.

  • High All electrical connections should be tight to avoid heating up and prevent short circuit.

  • The Care should be taken not to short circuit the terminals while using tools such as spanner.

  • After use, charge the battery promptly. If the battery is left in a discharged state, the plates would tend to sulphate.

  • During charging, do not allow the temperature of the electrolyte to rise above 540 C. Interrupt the charging to cool the electrolyte.

  • As a safety measure, ensure good ventilation in the battery room. Do not bring open flame or lighted cigarette, etc near the battery as otherwise; it could lead to an explosion.

  • Never expose batteries to direct sunlight.

  • When many batteries are connected in series or parallel, after a few months, equalization charge may be required to rectify any in-equality among the cells that may develop during service life.

“SAKTHI” Inverter Battery is completely worth it, as the battery can complement both UPS and Inverter setups. It can operate without any glitch even at high temperatures and has fast charging capability.


  • UPS Systems

  • Telephone Exchanges

  • Domestic Inverters


  • Train Lighting

  • Power Stations

  • Railway Signalling

  • Alarm Systems

  • Emergency Lighting Installation

  • Process control system